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Enjoy every pause

Our creative menus will be the savour of your day.

Our cuisine is full of choices, varied, and it meticulously combines creativity with the right products choice.
Our menus speak an international and local language at once, we know how to take care of your taste, and we put our Mediterranean touch in every detail.
We like to see you experience the pleasure of our flavours every day.


Breakfast is our favourite moment and we take it very seriously.

We love the several choices, the variety of products and the attention we put towards your needs, tastes and preferences. Every morning, in the dining room or on the terrace overlooking the sea, breakfast will set the tone for your new day.

Lunch and snack

Whether your days are dynamic or relaxing, pleasant breaks will be there for you.

Lunch, that we imagine fresh, fast and light but with great taste.

But also, the breaks dedicated to those who prefer not to have schedules, or fixed appointments, and can take advantage of our Snack service, for short pauses and cocktails.


In its evening dress, our kitchen tastes of the scents of the sea. After all, that is right there, looking at you.

Mediterranean visions, original combinations, but also the guarantee of dishes of our tradition.

Pleasure in every course and a variety of different menus every day.

Amare Restaurant

Enjoy the sea just beyond your table.
Mark the time of lunch or dinner enjoying the emotions of flavours and scents.

The cuisine of our Amare Restaurant surprises, satisfies and tickles your tastes, may they be the most traditional or the most innovative ones.

This happens every day, and our doors are open also to external guests and upon reservation.

Because the aim is to create dishes with an attitude, different every day and to fully enjoy.

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